PROIIIevo, technology and reliability gathered in one product. The NEW PROIIIevo is the most resistant product on the market. ALFANO came back to what made their success. Unique, the basic unit without a module can connect a speed sensor to know with precision your speed and gearbox position in real time.
Extension MODULES, The PROIIIevo is upgradable: GPS, G-Force, other temperatures, lambda, speed, pedals position, steering wheel position, Bluetooth, USB. 3 modules are available in option to make your PROIIIevo even more efficient: GPS2 / GPS4 / GPS4M.
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New with ALFANO, the revolutionary ANDROID APP that will allow you to quickly gather your data on Smartphone with the Bluetooth device.  Compatible with:
PROIIIevo used with an external module / ADSGPS / M4 / GPS / M10
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UPDATER, With your Smartphone (ANDROID), it’s possible to update your PROIIIevo really simply.
Available version : v4.40, This Firmware is necessary to use the new GPS4M module
UPDATER "PC"  ,with your PC with windows it’s possible update your PROIIIevo with the USB cable “ref. A4220”.
Download UPTATER >>
Download the file PROGRAMME >>

After the installation of the updater, open the file PROGRAMME with the updater then connect the PC to the PROIIIevo and follow the instructions on the screen to make the update.  Download the help manual : >>
Our magnetic bands installed in more than 1000 tracks around the world, for 20 years, the time measure has never been so precise thanks to ALFANO.
Patent Pending E.P.0632350
Position sensors : those sensors have been developed with the new GPS4M module to measure the movements of : the steering wheel, the acceleration pedal and brake pedal.
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