The ADS are the result of over 20 years experience focusing technology, know-how and strength.
From 2016, ADSGPS evolves into ADSGPSI… a new Bluetooth chip is integrated allowing operation with iOS + Android + PC
ADS installation can be done on most vehicles : karting, motorcycle and car.
The ADS consists of 6 LEDs and 4 buttons, each button is associated with the corresponding menu. After activation, the ADS displays the home page which is the main window. It is from this window that the system can activate Bluetooth, enter race mode and allow access to all menus to customize the parameters and view the recorded data.
  • Resistant to water projections : IP56
  • Display : (mm/pixel) : 75×45 / 160×94
  • Weight : from 434 gr to 550 gr
The ADS exists in 3 different versions :
Art. A1001
A data acquisition system using GPS technology to get laptimes + 5 partial laptimes, speed in real-time + 5 speed captures per lap.
It stores the layout of the run trajectory to be analyzed later with our APP, it is provided with a G-Force sensor to increase the accuracy of analysis,
the ADSGPSI is a compact system that will give you full satisfaction, it is autonomous , the setting is very simple and without wiring.
Art. A1005
The use mode is exclusively based on the magnetic strip.
Efficient and accurate, it is the cheapest onboard data acquisition system of our range.
It is ideal for rental, indeed, possible lock buttons avoids mishandling.

Externe power Lithium Ion

Power supply with battery in Lithium Ion 3.7Volts – 4.400mAh.

Art. A4006


Externe power Batterie 12V

Power supply with vehicle battery 12 Volts. 350cm

Art. A4002


Karting steering wheel support

Art. A5002

ADSGPS-Support pour volant (Kart)

Car windscreen support

Art. A5001

ADSGPS- Support pour Pare-brise

Magnetic sensor for the ADSMAG

Items that comes with the ADSMAG. 125cm

Art. A1304


Extension for magnetic sensor

Extension to use with the ADSMAG when the cable of the sensor is too short, an extension may be required when installing on a car. 250cm

Art. A3401

Les APPs
ALFANO began a new era with the development of applications on Smartphones and Tablets, more practical, more intuitive, more modern. Download our applications, real data examples are included therein.
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