Chrono-Sport must cease its activities and launch a denigration campaign against ALFANO via its web site :, among others.


ALFANO wants to restore the truth!


Ludovic Foezon, manager of Chrono-Sport, has been our exclusive importer in many countries for 20 years with success. A little more than 2 years ago, he unfortunately experienced a serious health problem. This “accident” prevented him from working overnight. His wife then begged us to let her the exclusive importation she was planning to manage, with the help of a salesperson she was going to hire in short term. The time has passed, Ludovic Foezon has been declared permanently disabled, and apart from a few recent appearances, he no longer has the capacity nor the authorization to resume service. Moreover, the salesperson to “replace” Ludovic Foezon on the road, tracks and events to which any exclusive importer must participate, has never been hired. And finally, Chrono-Sport has become more and more indebted to ALFANO until his account was blocked. ALFANO is a company that has commitments to its staff and customers, and has to react to maintain a solid structure, coupled with clean management and impeccable customer service.


Despite our efforts and deadlines granted by human concern, Chrono-Sport today chooses to prejudice us by negative personal reports.


When Chrono-Sport evokes the lack of reliability, he jumps back (2013-2014) when our range ADM + box has indeed experienced serious technical problems. However, these have been properly managed and are far, far behind us. The ADM + box is a flaw out of its overall context.  And this context, for ALFANO, represents a thriving professional career of more than 20 years. Indeed, ALFANO existed long before this range through PRO / PRO + / ASTRO whose many users still boast the robustness and reliability unmatched to date by competing products.  ALFANO, after this range, it is a successful new way with a PROIIIEvo released in early 2015 which has proven itself with a guarantee of flawless use, thanks to a new process of quality that brings even more robustness than in our early days, which since 2016 has made a major contribution to innovation with applications for smartphones and tablets, and which, at the beginning of 2017, is equipped with a new customizable look and an improved menu that better answers to users’ requirements. ALFANO is always, and more than ever, an open-minded team, full of ideas to come and a continuous research and development department.


We thank you for processing the false information that circulates with retreat, intelligence and discernment.


We also take advantage of this issue to thank all motor sports professionals who have already expressed their confidence in us by contacting us directly in order to strengthen our sales teams and promote our products in good conditions for the future. We also encourage all those who have not yet done so to contact us as soon as possible, we will be happy to deal with them.


At your service and with our best sports greetings,


Angelo Alfano and his team