To make the update of your PROIIIEvo with a PC, it is necessary to have a USB cable ref A4220..


Using Bluetooth device (PROIIIEvo must be connected to a GPS module) it is easy to use a Smartphone or a Tablet to make the update with the UPDATER APP.  For more information, please visit FIRMWARE APP


To upgrade with PC, use the software and firmware below

Download and install the update before (click on image)

photo updater

Download the Firmware version 4.9.2 (24-03-2017) upgrade your PROIIEVO using the Updater (click on image)


Download the Firmware Version 2.4.7 (05-06-2019) to upgrade your M4 / M4GPS / M10 using the Updater (click on image)


Download the Firmware Version 2.4.2 to upgrade your ADSGPS using the Updater (click on image)