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The PROIIIevo is the result of an experience of over 20 years that concentrates technology, know-how and strength to give birth to the most reliable data acquisition system of the market.
This version provides an accuracy which can not be attained with infrared systems and GPS systems. This data acquisition system ensures accuracy to thousandths of seconds, and it is the result of a European Patent EP0632350 deposit in 1995 by ALFANO.

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Product Description

The PROIIIevo is :

  • 11 LEDs, a pixelated screen, an adjustable backlight,
  • the display and storage of the partial times and total time for each lap. These times can be taken by magnetic, infrared, as well as GPS if PROIIIevo is provided with an external GPS module,
  • engine speed (RPM),
  • the speed that can now be achieved with a directly plugged sensor to PROIIIevo installed on the rear axle and this without having to go through an external module. This solution also displays the gearbox ratios during the race,
  • 2 temperatures : water/spark plug and exhaust,
  • and finally the possibility to connect one of our modules that will allow you to further increase considerably the capabilities of your PROIIIevo,
  • the data can be downloaded either by USB cable or by an external Bluetooth module.
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