Alfano S.A. was born in 1996 by its founder Angelo ALFANO.
Thanks to Angelo ALFANO's avant-garde vision; shortly after buying a GO kart, he noticed a serious shortcoming in the world of karting: there was no automatic timing system that could instantly inform the driver of his performance based on simple technology that was within everyone's reach.
Patent EP0632350.
This system, born from the creative mind of Angelo Alfano, works thanks to a magnetic strip buried in the track and a magnetic sensor connected to a display mounted on the vehicle. The importance of this invention lies in its easy installation and simplicity of use. Indeed, the magnetic strip is made up of permanent magnets offering a continuous magnetic energy and by itself, no need to connect to an electrical network which in a circuit would be very tedious and complex to realize. A more than considerable advantage for circuit owners. The advantage for the drivers is that they have nothing else to do but drive on the circuit and watch their displays at the right moment.
1996 – 1999
Sold in : Belgium - France - Germany
At the time, Angelo Alfano was able to test his prototype up to 480Km/hour.

According to many players in the sector, this has had a profound effect on the world of motor sport, particularly karting, opening up a new era and many new possibilities. Angelo Alfano had given everyone the simple possibility to follow their lap times with a precision never before achieved, even in real time.

Alongside technological development, Alfano S.A. has always been ready to listen and satisfy the needs of consumers. Following the marketing of the first models, which were only capable of detecting lap times, Alfano S.A. launched the Alfano PRO on the market in 1999, a literally revolutionary device with a personalized display, which is still present on the vehicles of many enthusiasts and is renowned for being indestructible. This device sold in tens of thousands of units and is capable of monitoring lap times, engine temperature and RPM. The Alfano PRO has travelled the globe, allowing us to install our magnetic tapes on every track on the planet.
A few years after the release of the Alfano PRO, it is the turn of the Alfano ASTRO to be launched on the market with a lighter version, the PRO+. The ASTRO is a data logger designed for the needs of professionals worldwide. In addition to the features of the Alfano PRO, it can detect speed, measure a second temperature, a lambda sensor, a G-force sensor and much more. With this device Alfano S.A. has consolidated its reputation, proving its ability to fully satisfy both amateurs and professionals.
With the advent of GPS technology, we have designed a series of products: ADS, ADM and ADL. The ADS is our first small timing system with integrated GPS and Bluetooth, giving full satisfaction in the world of motorcycling. As for the ADM and ADL, they are modular devices, designed to adapt to the needs of all customers without exception. Unfortunately, due to design errors, the first series of these units failed. Although these problems were quickly resolved, they were not approved by consumers. We then decided to withdraw them from the market and produce another device, the Alfano PRO 3 and then the PRO 3 evo, which were excellent devices but, being very similar in appearance to the previous generation, customers did not regain confidence.
This is why in 2018 we launched our sixth system on the market: the Alfano 6, a brand new device, with which we have regained the reputation we have always been known for: a forward-thinking company at the forefront of its sector and capable of designing and producing innovative, reliable and indestructible systems.

Angelo Alfano's words on this project were: "When I studied and built the Alfano 6, I felt exactly the same as when I studied and built the Alfano PRO, in this product there is the same passion and the same determination that I used in the realisation of the device that allowed me to conquer the market worldwide, at the beginning of my activities". The philosophy with which we designed this device was to give the customer a complete but intuitive and simple to use data logger. Thanks to our state-of-the-art algorithms, the customer only has to install the Alfano 6 on his vehicle and switch it on.

Our team has developed powerful data analysis applications, called ADA, which can be used both from a Windows PC and from IOS and ANDROID. We are the first and only ones to give the customer the possibility to analyse their data from a smartphone or tablet, using powerful applications that have nothing to envy to PC analysis systems and that, thanks to Bluetooth communication, make it even easier to use. Of course, for our PC customers, our PC ADA allows not only the synchronization of videos with the data of the Alfano 6, but also the possibility of designing very elaborate mathematical channels.

Alfano S.A. does not only produce data loggers, we are known in all areas of motorsport for our kronos, a manual recorder that allows to measure up to 4 vehicles, including split times.

We created the Tyrecontrol which is now in its second generation, a precision manometer capable of also measuring tyre temperature, used by the major tyre manufacturers; PIRELLI F1, MICHELIN, BRIDGESTONE, etc., F1 and Touring Car Teams.

Angelo Alfano has also designed a karting manometer that, in addition to deflating the tyres, is able to inflate them with a CO2 cartridge so that small adjustments can be made QUICKLY and ON THE PLACE. With the Tyrecontrol Air, to manage the pressures of the tires becomes easy.

Alfano was the first to invent a simple and accurate lap time detection system that is recognised all over the world, patent EP0632350.
Alfano was the first to invent a pressure gauge that not only deflates the tyres but also inflates them.
Alfano was the first to invent data analysis applications in the field of motorsport for smartphones and tablets.
Alfano is the first in a long time and has no intention of changing.